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For students from 3 to 16 years old

Saba Verda
British International School

Saba Verda is an international private school providing a complete English-language education for students from Early Years to Secondary School.

Education for
a sucessful life

Students learn concepts, theories and methods from a wide range of disciplines, deepening their understanding of the subject matter as they progress.

Connecting themes and subjects allows them to apply concepts and solve problems.

Where are we located?

Study in the beautiful historic town of Tortosa


Our campus is located in the Catalan city of Tortosa, in the province of Tarragona. The school's surroundings offer many opportunities for students.


They can easily go on excursions with their teachers to enrich their learning in places such as the Parc Natural de la Tinença de Benifassà and the Parc Natural dels Ports. There are also museums and theatres closeby.


Our thematic and project-based programmes from Early Years to Secondary School allow students to stay in the same environment and close-knit community of friends throughout their studies.

A well-rounded

The versatility of our educational programme ensures that Saba Verda students are involved in a variety of academic, extracurricular and social activities that broaden their horizons and help them build successful futures.



Thanks to small class sizes at Saba Verda, teachers are able to give individual attention to each student, answering each of their questions and helping them solve problems.


At the same time, they develop a warm relationship with all students and seek to inspire them as role models.

Individual meeting

Would you like to know more about what studying at Saba Verda is really like? We invite you to come and see for yourself a place where learning is engaging and students developing their talents with teachers who are real professionals in their fields.