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A word 
from the director

Olivia Doyle

“Saba has always been a vision to change the future of education. Our project aims to motivate students and give them the safe and inclusive environment they need to learn, constantly ask questions and offer the tools to find the answers.

We offer an alternative to the traditional teaching and learning environment, giving special importance to life skills, languages and guidance along the path of education, ensuring students the future they deserve. We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing team of tutors and teachers who support our students’ needs at every step along the way. We welcome you to our growing family and community.”

About us

Since its beginnings, Saba Verda has used projects on various topics to broaden students' horizons and engage them more in learning.  Within these themes, students then choose the sub-projects that interest them most. In these projects, students are encouraged to use different methods to become independent active learners and problem solvers.


Saba Verda opened its doors to students for the first time in 2018, approaching education itself in a more modern and international way than the traditional school environment.

The focus was on creating a stable and caring environment to engage the students and enable each one to flourish. The students at Saba Verda learn through project and theme-based learning rooted in the British and Catalan curriculum.

The Saba Verda curriculum

is based on the British National Curriculum, with the addition of our own curriculum, including the Catalan and Spanish languages and their history, geography and culture.

Our school is accredited by both NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) and Ensenyament Gencat, allowing us to offer both accreditations. 

Consilium was founded in 2012 primarily as an educational consulting firm advising students in Central Europe on placement at boarding schools and universities worldwide.

During its existence, Consilium has successfully placed hundreds of students in high schools and universities worldwide while securing tens of millions of euros in scholarships and financial aid.
Five years later, in 2017, Consilium also started opening and operating its own schools at first in the Czech Republic and later in Croatia, Slovakia, and Spain. Currently, Consilium consists of a network of educational consulting firms and a network of private nursery schools, elementary schools, and high schools with approximately 1500 students in enrollment and 200 teachers in several European countries.